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Saturday 3rd February 2018 – Advocating Classics Education

Exeter University

Student workshop 11am-12am

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ACE and the University of Exeter are putting together an event for teachers and their students to find out more about studying ancient Greek and Roman civilisation, history, thought, literature, art and archaeology. I’ll be providing a workshop for school pupils exploring the myths using comix.


Friday 9th February 2018 – Iris Festival of Imaginary Worlds

The Iris Classics Centre at Cheney School, Oxford

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This event will celebrate novels set in imaginary worlds, exploring how ancient myths and histories have often inspired these worlds. Come and find me in the J. K. Rowling section!


Saturday 24th February – CATB GCSE Classical Civilisation Inset

The Classical Association Teaching Board

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Workshops and Lectures will be offered on a range of topics relating to the specifications for GCSE Classical Civilisation. I’ll be running a workshop on using images to help teach parts of the Myth and Religion component and using comix for revision.


Friday April 6th – Monday 9th April – Classical Association Annual Conference 2018

The School of Archaeology and Ancient History, Leicester

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Sunday 8th April: I’ll be giving a workshop entitled Teaching Classics through Comics: a practical session demonstrating how comics and mythology can be used in teaching and learning practice.


Wednesday 11th April – Classical Association of Northern Ireland lecture series

Queen’s University, Belfast

‘Classics, Comics and Education’:

a talk on Greek Myth Comix and their use in classrooms around the world.

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