New guest illustration – Flaroh’s Medea

Flora Kirk (@flaroh) is a recent graduate of Durham University’s Museums MA programme and a freelance illustrator.

British-born and raised on America’s East coast, she loves to create art inspired by her fields of interest, whether that be archaeological artefacts, myths, or pieces that echo the aesthetics of a time long past. Much like the Romans with their statues, she is a fan of bright and bold colours, and wants to break the convention that archaeology is primarily muted earth-tones.

Flaroh - Flora Kirk

About her art, Flora says: Much like the Romans with their statues, I am a fan of bright and bold colours. I want to break the convention that archaeology is primarily muted earth-tones and highlight really just how colourful history is, both in artefacts and stories! 

A portfolio of Flora’s work can be found at https://flaroh-illustration.com/, though new work is always published first on her Twitter and Instagram.

You can buy her art as gallery-quality prints at her INPRNT shop, and on merchandise like t-shirts and masks at her Redbubble shop

Jenks says:

I’ve been a fan of Flaroh’s work since I first saw it pop up on Twitter, and we talked about her work on her MA and using illustration to create a ‘learning character’ to encourage children in museums. Flora’s style is immediately engaging, with sparing lines and a rich palette that makes it difficult to tear your eyes away. With her chosen focus on Myth and Classics, she’s already done a lot to raise awareness of the stories, characters and history, and especially the artefacts, of the ancient world. As mostly a black-and-white line artist myself, hers is the only style I’ve seen the consistently makes me want to branch out into colour!