Fighters in the Iliad

For a project involving Iliad characters and the Infographic of last year, I’ve made a (hopefully accurate) list of every fighter in the Iliad, Achaean and Trojan. I thought it might be interesting to post it here for download, and see what people do with it (It’s down there at the bottom).

If you use it for something, I’d really like for you to link back to this post, and/or Tweet @GreekMythComix  with a link to what you’ve done.

What can I do with it? Anything really. As an example, I made some little Wordclouds with the names of the Trojans and Achaeans, to see which names are most popular:

Achaean names GMC Trojan names GMC

You could also sort through to see all the different contingents. There are already some fab maps of the places where the Achaean side come from, and a project mapping the Catalogue of Ships.

Whatever you do, please link back!b

File: FightersintheIliadGREEKMYTHCOMIX (.xlsx file made in Excel)
Note: though I normally use the Hammond for my work, I have used the Fagles here as I left my Hammond at school and had a lovely Fagles from an old student on my shelf. Thus, more poetic in quotation and Latinate in name.

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