Trojan War Playing Cards Kickstarter is GO TONIGHT!

Dear everyone,

Thanks so much for the great feedback you’ve given me over the last couple of weeks about the Trojan War Playing Cards.

I’m really pleased to say that I’ve managed to find a great printer which will also allow me to keep the cost of the deck competitive, and done some research into postage to see how to keep that pesky cost down too. Kickstarter will allow me to actually get these made and delivered to you all, with bulk packs available too, and to make it even more fun I’ve sourced/made some other goodies that I think you’ll like.

The Kickstarter will go live this evening (about 6.30 GMT), so look out for the URL in the next post, on Facebook or on Twitter, and I really hope you’ll come and have a look, make a pledge, and share it with your friends!

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