24 hours left! (last time I’ll bang on about it, promise)


Just in case you weren’t aware (ha!), there’s 24 hours left to get an order in for Trojan War Playing Cards should you like a pack. And if you’ve already ordered, sorry to keep bugging you and thank you so much, I can’t wait to get these babies printed and on their way to you! 

And, because I got asked a lot, I’ve made a new pledge for just the Trojan War Paper Doll Playset (a PDF print-and-build set including the Walls of Troy, Hut of Achilles, Trojan Horse and lots of little people to play with), so if you don’t want cards but you do like the idea of building a Trojan Horse, go pledge £4…

There’s also one custom comic add-on left if you fancy a Greek Myth Comic of your very own…



(And sorry for bugging you again – regular comic service will resume shortly…)

Jenks x

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