Road Trip! CA2018 and CANI

Hey dudes! I’ve been frantically finishing off school marking (an unfortunate bout of Shingles in my arm the week before school let out has created a massive backlog, much to my horror) and printing posters and badges in time for my day giving a workshop and running a table at The Classical Association Conference 2018 in Leicester this Sunday! I can’t wait to meet all the awesome Classicists I’ve connected with through my comics and on social media!

Yes, I’m on at the same time as Latin legend John Taylor. Dammit!

Then on Wednesday I’ll be giving a talk about my work using comics in education and Classics at Queen’s in Belfast for The Classical Association in Northern Ireland. It’s a pretty action-packed week!

I’ll be tweeting about the event at and a bit on Instagram @lejenkinson_greekmythcomix

If you’re coming to either event, let me know!

Also, we had a banner made, then forgot it, so here it is instead. 😬

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