Catchup Comix: the story of Actaeon

Hi all,

With the first few weeks of school, two new courses to teach, and projects being worked on simultaneously, there’s not much time to draw new comics at the moment. But, an oldie you might have missed is the story of Actaeon, which was a collaboration between me and the fabulous singer-songwriter Clair Le Couteur of Lunatraktors. Clair’s songs on the album ‘New Myths’ explore the possible narratives of the characters involved in folk tales and myths from around the world, including Actaeon and Minos from Greece.

When I teach this myth to my pupils I play this song while they read the comic, and it prompts a lot of discussion about ‘fairness’ and the nature of the gods, as well as the different versions of the story – did Actaeon ‘do’ anything?

Enjoy this musical comic!

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