To Teachers, from Greek Myth Comix

Dear everyone,

I’ve got a few notes for you to help with using the comix for teaching, and an apology for those who have tried to contact me!


As the current version of the Odyssey Comix is for the old OCR specification (UK) and I am planning on updating it soon, I am no longer offering licenses.

Existing license-holders will still be able to upgrade to the new books in PDF when they come out, for free. 

Teachers looking for copies for educational establishments: please see below, where the options are listed.

Also, my apologies to all those who have tried to contact me through the contact forms previously on this site. Frankly, they did not work: they did not actually send me your messages. I’m really quite upset about this, and have sought to contact those who have tried to contact me within the last year whose messages were still in the website’s archives.

For anyone who would like to contact me directly, please now use

The Odyssey set books for (OCR) GCSE are available in PDF format at £4.99 each, or you can purchase a ‘For Class’ print-as-many-as-you-need PDF copy for £19.99, or you can also order the book as a full-colour 54-page paperback at £14.99 each.


You can buy full-colour paperback copies here at, priced at £14.99 plus postage.
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

For individual use, you can buy an individual PDF as an instant download here. The download will be stamped with your personal email address.


If you’d like to buy more than one copy of the text for your class, you can buy and download specific ‘For Class’ print-your-own sets of the main textsThe Odyssey and The Olympian Colouring Book – by going to the Buy Printable Downloads page and selecting the ‘For Class’ version. These will not be stamped with your email address. 


Thanks so much for teaching Classics (and buying legitimately!)


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