Greek Myth Comix is now on Patreon!

Dear Greek Myth Comix subscribers, 

I have something new to share with you this week: if you haven’t already seen from my Twitter feed, I have finally joined Patreon, the platform that links patrons with creators, helping creators continue what they do.

As I started Greek Myth Comix for educational purposes, over the last couple of years or so I’ve had a lot of folks suggest that I start using the platform and I’ve shied away from it: while it was free to create and host the comics, I was happy that occasionally a PDF would get sold from my Gumroad site, or a poster from Zazzle.

However, now that there’s so much content on the site, being used by hundreds of lovely comic-fans every day, for fun but also in pupil resources, classrooms, and university lecture theatres, I’ve had to upgrade to better hosting, and lately I’ve been forced to abandon my beloved, ancient Photoshop C5 *sniff* as it completely gave up the ghost in the face of new system updates, so I’m now one of Adobe’s monthly subscribers in order to keep the comics going.

So, Patreon seems like a great way to ask those who can, and would like to, to perhaps ‘tip’ me for my work, just to help me with my overheads, and so I can continue creating content and comics that are free to use for everybody.

However, Patreon is much more exciting than that: I can share behind-the scenes posts, works-in-progress, background information and all sorts with just the people who really want to experience those things. I’m not a very public person, and I do tend to just share the ‘finished product’. but I’m really happy to share my enthusiasm and excitement for each comic, the research that goes into them, the painstaking detail, with all those who share that passion!

To supplement the Patreon I’ve also finally launched a YouTube channel, on which I’ll be sharing some videos of my process (and also amusing things that tickle me), although the majority of videos will be just for Patreon patrons.

You can become a patron for just $1 a month (I’m in the UK so that’s about 75p or 88c) and get access to the comics I’ll post early on Patreon. $3 (£2.31 or Euro2.64) will get you additional behind-the scenes and process posts, videos, and Lens videos (they disappear after a day but give you a bit of extra insight into what I do!) which you can view on the Patreon app. $5 (or £3.86, Euro4.41) will get you all of the above, with a special key to access my entire Dropbox treasure-chest full of files and PDFs, otherwise only found on Gumroad, which gets updated all the time!

I hope that might spark your interest. Come over and have a look at what I’ve got to offer. I’m looking forward to meeting some of you soon!

Jenks x

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