Finally: t-shirts have arrived!

Hello you,

as I’m just off on Birthday and Wedding leave for the next fortnight, I hope this will suffice as a new-comic offering…
For aaaaaages people have been telling me I ‘should do merch’. I sort-of do, with mugs and posters on Zazzle, but now I’ve found somewhere great to do wearable merch…like tees and totes (for some reason, everyone gets excited about tees and totes especially!) on Spreadshirt!

I’ve been tinkering with some designs for tshirts for a while, and the ones that I’ve uploaded to Spreadshirt are almost all new, exclusive illustrations or updated comics, with some old favourites thrown in. There are also designs in C O L O U R (not something I normally do!)

I’m really excited about these pieces, and hope you will be too! Please do leave a comment below, and definitely if there’s something you’d like to see in the shop in future!

Have a browse now…

Also, for the first 13 days of the shop being open, there’s a 15% discount on EVERYTHING! Just click ‘Redeem’ at the top of the shop page to get it.

Thank you for all your support, as ever, and see you in two weeks!


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