Odyssey Revision PDFS!

NEW For students: Books 9, 10, and 19 comix PDFs

(Books 21 and 22 coming next year – sorry!)

For the OCR spec Classical Civilisations GCSE ‘Homeric World’ exam coming up in a couple of weeks, I’ve put together easy-to-print A4 PDFs for students of the first three set books of the Odyssey.

You can get individual PDFs for 99p, or all three in a bundle for £2.50! They’ll be available until the day of the exam, then they’ll be retired until next year.

Each of the books has been broken down into episodic form with the most important points, nuances and analyses included, as well as highlighted literary features. Use these after re-reading the text to help you focus on the events, characters, features, and all the bits you forgot about in your mocks!

Remember, you can still just use the site to revise for free! These are just if you want to have something in your revision folder to scribble on and note-make to your heart’s content, or even just colour them in!

Get them now!

Book 9:
Get this!
Book 10:
Get this!
Book 19:
Get this!
Books 9, 10 and 19 bundle:
Get this!

Good luck with your revision, and your exams!

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