Greek Myth Comix Crete Roadtrip Roundup!

This summer we went on a Cretan adventure! In case you missed out on following along, here are all the mini-comix that I drew as we travelled, and below is the whole trip inTwitter form, in order. Click on any tweet to see it in more detail in another tab.

I was working on the Amarantus project for the rest of the summer – you can see the progress we’re making at and on the Twitter hashtags #AmarantusProject and #Amarantus

If you’re back to teaching this week, Happy New Term!

If you’re teaching Classical Civilisation GCSE, be sure to check out my alter ego Twitter account for resources and links!

Comix from Crete – comix sketches superimposed over photos of the locations in our trip!

Crete and Santorini Road Trip!

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