On Thursday October 3rd I noticed that the site wasn’t performing correctly.

I spent 24 hours with my host Bluehost’s help associates convincing me their server updates had in fact deleted important parts of my site.

However, it was later realised that WordPress, the original site designers, have, without warning (to me anyway) ‘retired’ the theme I use, Panel, which supports comics as an additional type of post to regular WordPress sites.

This, along with the Bluehost server updates, apparently means that all of my comic posts from the last six years have simply vanished.


mortui sunt.

The comic on the landing page, Leukippos and Galatea, is the last comic I’ll ever be able to post on here – even the ability to post a ‘comic’ post, or even see any of the previous ones, has simply gone.

I am faced with now having to rehome the site, re-upload all the comics (at least those I still have the original artwork for), and rebuild my reputation in the meantime when schools and unis and students and other users find their links, and all the search engine archive links, suddenly don’t work.

It’s going to take a long time, and I’m really sorry. I hope you’ll bear with me and come back when it’s all done. Hopefully, it’ll all be even better than it was before.

Please do come and find me in the meantime, on Twitter (@GreekMythComix), on Facebook (, and (occasionally) on Instagram (sort of).

Jenks x

Icarus and Daedalus. It’s all gone wrong.

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