Bellum Sacrum game designs #1 – Fortuna and Mercurius

First in a series of Roman god posts are Fortuna, Roman god of personal fortune, and Mercurius, messenger god and god of trade, travel, and… thieves… click the link below to see the comic post:

Bellum Sacrum – Fortuna and Mercurius

I’ve been working on a set of Roman gods for Latin-and-Lego enthusiast and authority Anthony of Legonium for the brand new card game Bellum Sacrum – Fight Like A God! In the run-up to the Kickstarter, I’ll be sharing the designs and artists’ notes about how I came up with my final designs from Anthony’s briefs.

To find out how I got involved, read ‘Enter Greek Myth Comix’ in the Bellum Sacrum Design Journal

For more information on the game itself,its conception and gameplay, and to find out more about the Kickstarter, visit the game site at, follow on Twitter at @FightLikeAGod or on Facebook for updates! Or right here of course!

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