Bellum sacrum – teaser video behind-the-scenes

You can now see the Bellum Sacrum teaser video here!

The video combines the artwork of the card game with dynamic parallax animation against a backdrop reminiscent of the card design and those character’s card colours. The whole thing was put together in Photoshop, individual duelling pairs being animated and exported as video.

Each pair of fighters was animated using Photoshop/animation pane/Transform/Render video

Then each video was exported to iMovie and linked together against a background of Bensound music (the tune ‘Epic‘, actually the same music I used in my old 2016 Kickstarter video for the Iliad Deck, despite me not choosing it! Clearly it’s my theme tune now…), before a final screen with the game details was added.

Sending over the video to Anthony (Legonium), he and Amber the designer added the five play instructions and the tagline, Fight Like A God, to clarify the overall message and make the video that bit more exciting. Go and see for yourself, and follow @FightLikeAGod on twitter or sign up at for updates on the launch!

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