Bellum Sacrum #6 and #7 – Diana, Apollo, Mars and Bellona designs and KICKSTARTER COMING THIS WEEK!

Sixth and Seventh in a series of Roman god design posts!

The first pair, Diana and Apollo, are twins, and as such need to look similar in stance and weapon. However, Apollo is also the god of being really, really, ridiculously good-looking, and his name doesn’t change between the Greek and Roman versions, so here he’s got more of a Greek influence. His sister, goddess of the hunt, and generally overlooked in my opinion, takes things here a little more seriously. You know she’ll hit her target.

Read the artists notes for Diana and Apollo.

The second pair are Bellona and Mars, two gods that convey the spirit and violence of war. Mars was so important to the Romans that they believed he was the father of their legendary founder, Romulus (and his brother Remus, ahem). Bellona stalks the battlefield. Normally, clad in helmet and driving a chariot, she felt too similar to Minerva, the wisdom of war, and she’s also often linked with Virtus. These are already both cards in the deck, so instead I’ve made her look like the Bellona from Statius’ Thebaid, blooded and destructive, although Anthony made me lose the bloodstains 😉

Read the artists notes for Bellona and Mars.

Below you can see the original sketches for these cards. They pretty much sprang straight from my head, fully-formed, like a sister of A&A’s I could mention…

For more information on the game itself, its conception and
gameplay, and to find out more about the Kickstarter, visit the game site at and sign up to the mailing list, follow on Twitter at @FightLikeAGod or on Facebook for updates! Or right here of course!


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