Bellum Sacrum #8 and #9 – Minerva, Neptune, Proserpina and Pluto, and reviews – IT’S KICKSTARTER DAY!

Eighth and Ninth in a series of Roman god design posts!

The first pair, Minerva and Neptunus, were difficult to imagine in anything but traditional poses – they are iconic, whether as their Roman, or  as their Greek counterparts, Athene and Poseidon. For Minerva, goddess of wisdom, the helmet, aegis and spear are just necessary. For Neptune, his trident had to be involved, although after several designs (see below) he moved away from Greek fisherman and towards a more Roman retiarius, net-and-trident gladiator

See the card designs and artists notes for Minerva and Neptunus.

The second pair, a reluctant couple, are the Queen and King of the Underworld, Prosperina and Pluto, or the Greek Persephone and Hades. Pluto is accompanied by his guard dog, Cerberus, and his powerful staff. His wife – a title forced upon her by his abduction of her and Jupiter’s agreement to Pluto’s keeping of her for half the year – must wait until Spring to come back to the surface of Earth and her mother Ceres (Demeter)’s embraces, giving us our seasons: Autumn-Winter while she is away, and Spring-Summer when she is back. Thus, she carries the pomegranate, the fruit whose six seeds she ate doomed her to live part-time in the Underworld, and the flowers of Spring, losing their petals, reminding her that she must go back.

See the card designs and artists notes for Proserpina and Pluto.

Scroll down for my original sketches and Bellum Sacrum reviews!

Bellum Sacrum reviews!

The game has received some really great reviews so far! Check these out for more details of gameplay, pictures, and (ahem) artwork appreciation!

Northern Dice:

Board’s Eye View:


Check out the game right now by downloading and printing this free version. Try before you buy!

For more information on the game itself, its conception and gameplay, and to find out more about the Kickstarter, visit the game site at, follow on Twitter at @FightLikeAGod or on Facebook for updates! Or right here of course!


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