New guest illustration: Abbi Holt’s Abecedarius Letifer

Abbi Holt (@stickfiguregods) is a middle school teacher in Arlington MA, USA. Her interests include ancient stuff, bikes and creepy art.

She explains:

I’m a massive fan of her scratchy, Gorey-and—Doré-esque line-art and wicked sense of humour, and have been drooling over her creepy sketches since seeing them previewed on Twitter!

abbi holt abecedarius r pro remo

See the other previews in the accompanying comic… (click here)

Abbi says,

The Abecedarius includes 21 deaths of figures from both Greek and Roman mythology and history.  While the book contains only 45 unique words, they are some of the best words in Latin including many of the Latin words for ‘kill’.  😁

You can get your own copy of Abecedarius Letifer by A Fausta Silva at Designed for Latin students as well as fans of creepy art and myths, it contains a glossary for easier reading and enjoyment.

At her main website, Stick Figure Gods, you can find the rest of Abbi’s work, including classrooms resources and online Latin adventures such as the amazing ‘Abandon Hope’ Choose Your Own Adventure-style Underworld escape!

See the other previews in the accompanying comic… 

Jenks says: Many thanks to Abbi for letting me share her fantastic artwork! It and her Underworld Escape are staples in our department!


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