New and Old

Hi everybody,

NEW heracles by greekmythcomix

I had this great idea that this year was going to be the one where I finally had time to go back to drawIng and uploading every week I’d finished writing and refining all my resources for the two brand new specifications that came in for my Ancient History A Level and Classical Civilisation GCSE two years ago (find them at Https:// ) so wasn’t spending all my time on those, and had pretty much finished the Bellum Sacrum artwork and the illustrations for the Amarantus Project (my dream project! Now launching Spring 2021).

And then of course Corona happened and this new thing called Remote Teaching took up all my time instead (fruits of these labours at
and on the YouTube channel ) although I did at least have time to draw and upload this and this while we were studying Heracles.

And then, as soon as term ended, this little delight happened (I have the most professional timing) and let me tell you, time for drawing and editing and uploading is not exactly going to happen any time soon!


And so, while I’m off on maternity leave, you might like to revisit some of the old Comix you might not have seen before, like What Makes a Homeric Hero , or the Odyssey Comix (WIP),  or Classics vs. Harry Potter – the story of Fluffy (Kerberos), or the comix from the Greece Tour, or the recent Comix from Crete and AltMonstra, or a roundup of Jupiter’s Moons, an homage to Pliny the Younger, or even the half-a-million-viewed Deaths in the Iliad: a Classics Infographic . Or, just hit ‘Random’ beneath any comic to get shown something hopefully new to you!



In the meantime, I’ll be working on another Classics-themed (and easier to do between feeds and naps) project that I’ll let you know about at some point soon, and taking your requests for Comix and videos when I’m back to a ‘regular’ timetable – leave me a comment below.

I’ll also be updating my shop soon with physical items as well as downloads.

And you can still say hi on Twitter at @GreekMythComix or @LEJenksBrown .

See you soon!


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