New guest comic – Riva Weinstein’s Iliad Book 2: the Catalogue of Ships

This guest post showcases one of the fantastically funny and well-observed Iliad comics of Riva Weinstein!

Riva Weinstein (@helenseidolon) is a writer, artist, designer, and cartoonist from Southern California. She got her BA in Archaeology from Barnard College in 2020. She is passionate about ancient history and literature, especially Homeric works.

She explains her comics:

I’ve been an avid storyteller since I was a young child, and ancient mythology and literature have always served as one of my major inspirations. Ancient stories persist because they still resonate deeply with us: they are mythic templates that we use to understand our own lives. I make art to share the vision of humor and humanity that I see in the ancient epics, and to fulfill my personal ethic of making the so-called “canonical” texts more accessible, inclusive, and historically accurate.

You can find more of Riva’s comics on her Tumblr ( ),

or at her portfolio ( )

Support her by buying her art here: (bookmark this shop for future purchases!)

Jenks says:

I saw Riva’s work pop up on Twitter and couldn’t stop laughing – I had to read them all! I knew I had to ask her to guest, as we share the same sense of humour (reading her comics is a bit like being in one of my lessons, I like to think anyway) and the same passion for bringing Classics to the masses – and down a peg or two. Riva’s Iliad comics are works of art only true Homer nerd could have come up with, and I can’t wait for her to draw every chapter, no pressure! 😉

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