Odyssey Book 21 – Part 8, Ancient Geek recap, and stuff…

It’s Odyssey Day!

The 9th part of Book 21 is now available – click here or the image snippet to see the whole thing. You’ll also be able to read the comic on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I’ve really enjoyed giving Penelope some more words this week. She’s my favourite ❤

Thanks, as ever, for reading!

Guest comic and Ides of March quickie

I’ve added a few new comics in the last week, including this fantastic guest comic on Iliad Book 2 by Riva Weinstein, and this quick Ides of March comic. If you haven’t seen them yet, take a look!

The Ancient Geek podcast

If you haven’t had a listen yet, you can now at the Ancient Geek page, or wherever you get your podcasts. It has been an interesting experiment and mini-project overall, with more listeners vIsiting previous episodes each week!

I write a reading list for every episode, and you might find the links interesting.

NB: These are Classroom-appropriate rants that aim to explain or clarify ideas and misconceptions in Classical Civilisation. You can see more details and find out how to listen at the main page here.

It’s my Lockdowniversary today – a year ago we had to self-isolate because of my pregnancy, and the day before that was the last time I saw my colleagues, classroom and desk (and TBR pile!) A year later, and our housecat-baby daughter is 8 months and vaccines are on the horizon. we have been very lucky and I’m so grateful for that. Here’s hoping you have also managed to weather the storm.

All the best,


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