New comic, new video, and it’s GumroadDay!

Hello friends,

I’ve uploaded a new comic AND video this morning – get me, being productive! – on the formulation of Ancient Greek prayer, which you can find at



It’s also #GumroadDay, where the platform that I sell my resources on, Gumroad, is celebrating its 10th birthday and is celebrating by passing on 100% of sales to creators and taking no fees today! Extremely kind of them 👌

If you’ve considered buying resources or anything else from my download shop, by buying it today you’ll be doing me a huge favour!

The Greek Myth Comix Gumroad shop:

What can you get in the shop?

How about a poster of the Greek pots to print off? What about Book 1 of the Odyssey in Comic strip form to read online or print for class? A print-and-build-your-own Knossos palace room or Labyrinth or Trojan War? A Roman handwriting font?

You can see the entire range either at the direct link above or at the catalogue-of-sorts, the Greek Myth Comix Shop – just click the link! They’re all at pocket-money prices of pay-what-you-like!

Thanks a lot, and I hope you find something you like!


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