Myth Dynamite x GMC and ODYSSEUS Collection launch!


Last week I had the most fantastic time chatting about Odysseus with the fabulous Myth Dynamite podcast team, Abi and Sarah, for a bonus episode of their podcast to follow-up their double ep on how they hate Odysseus with the power of a thousand suns. I had a lot to say, not because I love him, but because there are many reasons for his ultimately terrible decisions. If you’ve ever wondered what my face looks like, or how I might actually sound in the classroom, take a peek! (You can always just analyse my bookshelves.)

Originally we intended to record for 40 mins and post the video to Instagram, instead we talked for 2 hours and posted to my YouTube channel! Don’t let the length put you off – I’ve put a detailed chapter list in the description, or you can listen on the Myth Dynamite website!

To celebrate, I’ve made a whole Odysseus Collection for my Redbubble and Gumroad shops!

They won’t be on my official shop website until next week, so get yourself an exclusive now!

Odysseus Sticker Packs and tees!

12 images of Odysseus to stick or wear everywhere!

Odysseus .png packs!

12 transparent-background image files to use in your personal or classroom projects!

Odysseus bumper stickers!

How the world how you really feel about one of the world’s most discussed literary characters…

Have fun, and look out for another FULL-COLOUR GODS drop later this week!

Jenks x

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