Olympians in COLOUR Collection launch!

Hallooo again!

If you haven’t yet watched/listened to me chatting about Odysseus with the fabulous Myth Dynamite podcast team, Abi and Sarah, for a bonus episode of their podcast to follow-up their double ep on how they hate Odysseus with the power of a thousand suns, then what are you waiting for? You can listen on the Myth Dynamite website now or check in on YouTube!

To celebrate, I made a whole Odysseus Collection for my Redbubble and Gumroad shops, with Odysseus Sticker Packs and tees, Odysseus .png packs, and Odysseus bumper stickers!

They won’t be on my official shop website until next week, so get yourself an exclusive now!

Now I’m here to tell you about my Colourful Olympians collection!

You can get these gorgeous little watercolour gods, with colours inspired by the polychromy statues and wall paintings of the Ancient Greeks and Etruscans, in different formats:

Three colour versions of my original lineart sticker packs!

Get them as stickers, magnets, or as a print tee!

An image pack of 33 .png images for your personal projects!

All of the colourful Olympians and their symbols as .png images, perfect for classroom PowerPoints and workbooks or making your own cards and other fun projects!

There’ll be more soon, so bookmark my Redbubble and Gumroad shops!

Jenks x

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