⚡️NEW COMIC INFOGRAPHIC – What is supplication?⚡️ and 25% OFF apparel!

Or, “Why they got to put their hands on eachother when they want something?!”

Inspired by my new friend Erica Stevenson MOAN INC.’s fast, furious and FUNNY videos explaining the Iliad, I’m pleased to say I’ve started making a few little explanatory Comix like I used to do when I started Greek Myth Comix seven (!) years ago, in response to my own classes’ inquiries for more detail on a topic.

Erica, aside from being a passionate Classicist, enthusiastic about making Classics more accessible, is also a fan of my work 🥰 for those same reasons, and her videos are absolutely joyful to watch or even just listen to (while drawing). On top of that they’ve filled the Iliad-shaped void in my life now that we’ve moved to Ancient History A Level instead of Classics at my school and I don’t just get to teach Homer all day 🥲😢😭

Hope you enjoy this one! SEE THE COMIC HERE!

NB: at some point I’ll get round to turning this and my other comics into videos with voiceover and subtitles so they’ll all be truly accessible ❤️ It’s just a little more than I can manage right now.


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