LTAMB Podcast, YouTube and Questionnaire!

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, I’ve repeatedly sprained my wrist in the last few weeks so Im talking an enforced rest from drawing and colouring, but there’ll be new stuff/finished stuff coming when I am rested and in less pain.

In the mean time…

Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby! podcast appearance

A few months ago I was invited to chat with the lovelly and talented Liv Albert of the Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby podcast. We shot the Classically-themed proverbial for two and a bit hours, and Liv has thankfully edited that down to about an hour and a half so I sound like I stuck to the topic – the Epic heroes, rated…sort of… Enjoy!

YouTube Subscription – thank you for signing up!

As YouTube now puts ads in my videos anyway, I recently asked you all if you’d help by subscribing – if I get to 1000 subscribers so I can claim that bounty! Thanks to your support, I’m now only 129 away 🤯 and every little helps – if you have an account/channel and wouldn’t mind (and haven’t already!)… this link will take you straight there!

Thank you!

GMC comic viewer questionnaire

Recently my GCSE Classical Civilisation resources have hit 90 users, and I’ve been discovering who uses them and where, and seeing to my utter delight how they’ve helped the spread of Classics in schools! Now I’d like to do the same for my Comix.

I would really appreciate you spending two minutes clicking some boxes to help me find out how and where my comix are used – just click here to take part in the questionnaire!

Thanks so much!


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