New Comic Illustration series: ‘In Landscape’ for Myth Dynamite

During Lockdown #1, I made friends with Abi and Sarah of Myth Dynamite, the excellent Classics podcast, with whom I’ve since made an episode about Odysseus!

When Abi told me her just-completed PhD was entitled “Nature into Landscape: Pictorial and Poetic Landscape Representation in Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’ and Campanian Wall-Painting”, I got very excited and insisted on drawing her some images for the front cover of her individual copy of her work!

Many, many months later, I got round to it, just in time for Myth Dynamite’s 3rd season in fact!

I’ve previously experimented with drawing my Comix characters directly into photographic backgrounds, and this medium really seemed to suit Abi’s topic. I’ve kept them black and white to set off their backgrounds and also highlight the difference between the real and the mythological, like in my Comix from Crete series. Look out for the full series:

  • Actaeon
  • Polyphemus and Galatea
  • Narcissus and Echo
  • Orpheus

All of the images are against photographic backgrounds I’ve taken on my travels, some from Crete, one from the New Forest, and one from a secret little park in Islington! Which will be your favourite?


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