Final posting dates for Saturnalia and Christmas!

Continued Happy Seasonal Merry Greetings and such, my friends!

Here is a gentle reminder about ordering in time for Saturnalia and Christmas:

Saturnalia starts on the 17th December – last posting day this Saturday 11th December

Christmas is on the 25th December – last posting day Wednesday 15th December

Postage for Saturnalia/Christmas items still available:


Iris of the Rainbow - holographic acrylic pendant

Possibly the prettiest thing I’ve ever made! I love trying out new media for my illustrations, and this version of Iris is a holographic acrylic dream! Mounted on a delicate 20inch gold-plated trace chain, she appears to float along, pulling her rainbow behind her.

Based on the incomplete Iris statue from the Parthenon West Pediment and the Nike of Samothrace, she’s brought to life with full-on holographic rainbow sparkle on one side and a more muted effect on the other, meaning you can wear her two ways!

Achilles Chariot – Download and Build OR Pre-Printed Kit!

Available now! Download and print on Gumroad or Etsy OR pre-order a colour pre-printed building kit of Achilles’ Chariot! You can get an instant download or use the form on the page to order a pre-printed version for you to cut out and build.

This is one of the easiest builds I’ve made so far, so if the Labyrinth and Knossos Palace kits look like a challenge for later, try this one now!

Limited Edition Olympian Gods sticker pack!

The Olympian Gods in my watercolour pallette against backgrounds line up to create a watercolour scene of Mount Olympus, inspired by my own photos of sunset at Delphi.
Printed using UV stable inks onto a durable heavy duty vinyl with a strong adhesive backing, each individually-designed sheet contains at least four characters:

1: Hera, Athene, Aphrodite, Artemis, Demeter and Hestia
2: Zeus, Poseidon, Hermes and Hades (and Kerberos)
3: Dionysos, Ares, Apollo, Hephaistos

Only 39 sets available! They will not be reprinted.

Packed by in a hard-backed envelope and giftwrapped in tissue.

Saturnalia cards

Available as physical cards, a downloadable print, or (new for this year) as cards and products on Redbubble!

You may have seen Natalie Haynes sharing this on Twitter and Instagram!

Download, print, cut out and stick this Ancient Greek Mythological Creatures Advent Calendar and celebrate the run up to Christmas in a different way this year!

Each day of December, open a door in the calendar to reveal a colourful Ancient Greek Mythological Creature from myth and art, with its name displayed on the inside of the door!

Each Mythological Creature has been taken from Ancient Greek pottery and mosaic, then turned into a colourful depiction. Included are Skylla, Asterion (Minotaur), the Hydra, the Drakones, Pegasus, Gorgones, Kerberus, and many others!

Easy to make, just print the pieces, cut carefully with a craft knife, stick together and then open a door every day! Full instructions included.

Colouring books and pages

Try out books and print-your-own resources!

Learn about the Olympians while you colour, or build your own Gladiator (FREE)!

Need a last-minute Stocking-filler or holiday activity?

Redbubble Prints and Merch!

The Maenads – print and slogans

This image started off as one of my #ClassicsTober prompts and has turned into one of my most popular illustrations, both as a print and as a slogan image on stickers and tees! Available in the Redbubble shop, though you’ll have to tick ‘mature content’ in your filter to see it!

Odysseus paper-doll Fridge Magnets

Dress Odysseus each day as you reach for the milk – will he be a warrior? An archer? Naked but for an olive branch or Ino’s veil? Or a beggar in the palace? Retell his story over your muesli!

…and much more! Go to the Redbubble shop!

Enjoy your Saturnalia, Lenaia and Christmas shopping!

My Seasonal Thanks for all your support, which allows me to keep going and maintain the free site and make more educational comics the rest of the year!

Jenks x

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