Book launch coming soon!

Hello! Regular posting has taken a back seat while I’m teaching, looking after the toddler and move house. However, I’ve been working away at two exciting book projects that I’ll be launching soon on Kickstarter!

A photo of the Mythical Creatures ABC book by L Jenkinson-Brown. It’s on a pink corduroy background. The books cover has a gradient from yellow to pink on the background, gold lettering of the first part of the title, then big ABC letters in yellow, purple and blue. Beneath the letters are watercolour and lineart images of Argos, Pasiphae and the baby Minotaur, and a Centaur hurling a rock.

The first of these new books is the Ancient Greek Mythical Creatures ABC! This one is of course inspired by my daughter, an avid book enthusiast at the tender age of 22 months and just starting to learn her letters. Each (English) letter is illustrated with an Ancient Greek creature of Mythology, in soft but bright watercolours.

The Ancient Greek Mythical Creatures ABC book, open at the A and B pages. The lower and upper case A are golden yellow and Argos is drawn there in blue in line art and watercolour, and B is done in purple with an illustration of Pasiphae, also in purple, holding baby Minotaur in brown on her knee.

I’m looking forward to revealing more and to sharing the second book with you next week! Details of the launch coming soon!


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