Ancient Greek Mythical Creatures Book Launch – 10 days left!

In case you missed it, I have a new Kickstarter launch going for my new (and very colourful!) ABC book for children, and the companion Colouring book, full of Ancient Greek Mythical creatures!

The launch went extremely well, with the initial order amount being reached in a matter of hours! It is now 475% funded, with 10 days still left to go! Around 50 of each book have been ordered, which to me, just doing this myself, is amazing! Thank you so much if you have ordered a copy of either book already!

The ABC book has an ancient-artwork-inspired illustrated image of a mythical creature alongside the letters of the English alphabet and a two-word legend on each page to introduce the letter and character. The Colouring book version has line-art versions of all the creatures and more, plus a brief outline of the creature’s mythology and art notes for where the inspiration for the image came from. 

Both books are available as a bundle, along with a free set of five colourful vinyl stickers of my favourite creatures (thanks to the stretch goal!) Or, you can order a copy of either book individually, or PDF printable versions of the Colouring books, to make colouring pages for yourself or your school classes. 

If you like the look of these and haven’t ordered yet, come and have a look at the whole campaign! 

All the best, 


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