Last week to order in the Kickstarter launch!


Time flies in the last half term of the school year (my day job), and amazingly we’re into the last week of the Kickstarter launch of these two new books, which is 475% funded!

My two new babies, nearly ready to meet the world!

Thank you so much if you’ve made an order – I never expected so many people to be so keen! I’ve got my finger hovering over the ‘order’ button on my printers’ sites and have boxes of postage materials on standby!

If you know anyone who might be keen to grab a copy of either book before the launch ends, or that person is YOU, please do forward them the link with a reminder that there are only six days left 😉

Have you seen the video preview? You can view it here and see the books in action, being tested by my tiny assistant:

Did you know that you can also add the first colouring book, the Olympians, as a PDF to your order? PDF orders will be sent out to the email addresses supplied directly after the campaign ends so you can get colouring straight away!

Thanks for making this a great launch already!

All the very best, Jenks

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