Guest Post: Tyler Miles Lockett’s Orpheus Series

I’m ecstatic to bring you this guest post, which introduces the beautiful and haunting work of illustrator Tyler Miles Lockett in his new works based on Ancient Greek Mythology.

The beginning and end of Orpheus and Eurydice’s story.

See the full series of illustrations in the image post – click here!

Tyler Miles Lockett is an award-winning illustrator who studied Illustration at Parsons school of design in NYC. Having worked in video game art he now pursues his personal passion projects while living around the world as a ‘digital nomad’. He is currently working on a series of Greek Mythology illustrations that will be compiled as a book – one to look out for!  

Tyler in his own words:

I’ve always been passionate about art, growing up drawing warriors and fantasy landscapes, growing up watching 80’s movies like ‘The Neverending Story”, and “The Dark Crystal,” and playing tons of video games and watching tons of 90’s Japanese cyberpunk OVA’s Animation.  After studying Illustration… I worked as a senior concept artist on American Mcgee’s “Alice: Madness Returns” video game… Now I’m embarking on a whole new chapter, diving deep into something I’m really passionate about; Greek Mythology!  Come along for the ride! I’m happy to have you aboard, and I look forward to hearing from you on Instagram or Discord!

Jenks says:

Tyler’s work appeared on Twitter and smacked me in the face with its colour, texture and overall impact. The shapes he uses are so natural, layered and layered over textures and brushwork that make it appear alive, whilst immediately creating a recognisable scene from mythology and telling a story within a single frame – like Ancient Greek pottery or the single-panel frescos from Pompeii. And yet these beautiful, beautiful renditions of the gods and mythical creatures have the most haunting horror-film eyes. It’s a relatively simple detail but I am obsessed with this portrayal: no, they are not mortal. Yes, they will do what they want with you and not care afterward. It’s a brave and original way of picturing these divine beings as more supernatural and distinctly superior to us mere mortals, rather as you might think they were originally imagined.

You can find out more about Tyler’s work, see his other finished works and behind-the-scenes videos on his Twitter and Instagram, buy prints of his work, or join him on his Discord server, all accessible here:

See the main image post with the complete Orpheus series here:

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