Trojan War Playset – updated with COLOUR!

The Playset is now 6 years old, and to celebrate this year I’ve updated it, with a beautiful colour layer – no longer must your playset be in black and white and/or have to be coloured in – and an additional 20 characters… yes, including Paris (at last! Sorry!)

The Playset was originally made as a last-minute add-on to my successful Trojan War Playing Cards Kickstarter campaign and, as such, was made in a bit of a hurry, so some of the characters have also now been resized or redesigned. Each character also now has a brief description of their role or loyalties in the war underneath. The Achaians (Greeks) have a colour scheme of red and yellow, with the Trojans in blue and yellow, so this should be clearer on the battlefield.

New characters from the Iliad and associated stories in the Epic Cycle are:

  • Artemis
  • Agenor
  • Helenos
  • Iphigeneia
  • Theano
  • Kalchas
  • Machaon
  • Ajax (the Lesser)
  • Creusa
  • Laodike
  • Antenor
  • Odysseus (yes, how did I miss him the first time?!)
  • PARIS (ditto)

If you’ve previously purchased the Trojan War Playset, you can get the updated version for free!

  • If you bought from Gumroad, look out for an email/Gumroad message with the new files attached
  • If you bought from Etsy, please forward your order email to me at and I’ll send you the files as soon as I can (because Etsy is a bit rubbish)

If you haven’t got a copy, you can get it as an instant download by going to my shop and choosing your preferred digital outlet!

This weekend I’ll be doing a ‘Trojan war Buildalong’ on my social media accounts (@greekmythcomix on Twitter and Instagram) so please feel free to join in if you decide to build your own, using the hashtag #TrojanWarBuildalong !

What the black and white version looks like completed and with the structures printed on A3 paper… imagine the colour version!!

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