Seasonal Gifting!

Hello all!

Whether you’re buying for Christmas and Boxing Day, or its great, great predecessor Saturnalia and the Sigillaria gifting, my lovely friend Dr Cora Beth Fraser has put together a wonderful Classics-themed present guide. She does this every year but this year it’s a bumper one in PDF form!

My awesome maker friends Plato’s Fire, Scents of Elysium, Liv of Lets Talk About Myths Baby, and Flaroh are all featured, as well as ancient site shops, authors and other gifty suppliers!

Greek Myth Comix Saturnalia Shop

I’ve also got my own Saturnalia shop in order! Buying from me directly through my Gumroad, Etsy or Redbubble shops helps me to keep the site running and ad-free!

You can also browse my Shop catalogue to see everything, from Christmas/Saturnalia gifts to slow-day activity downloads to keep you going through the holidays!

Merry Christmas and Io Saturnalia, to all those who wish to celebrate, and Happy Winter Festival to you all!


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