Guest Illustration post: Ryan Murphy’s Greek Mythology

I’m so pleased to feature this guest post, which introduces the exciting comic style of Ryan Murphy and part of his Mythology series!

Ryan D Murphy snippet from Greek Mythology

See the full illustration in the image post – click here!

Ryan D Murphy artist profile pic

Ryan Murphy is an independent illustrator who studied art and illustration at Central Connecticut State University. Having worked as a tattoo artist in Connecticut for the past couple of years, he is pursuing a career in comics, and works on gag comics and illustrations that he posts to his social medias @ryeguyart (Instagram and TikTok).

In the next six months he is planning on releasing his first full length comic, as well as a series of book covers based on various mythologies, so watch out for those on his socials!

Ryan in his own words:

I’ve always been drawing since I was a kid, and I’ve been able to learn so much through school and especially working in the world of tattooing. But, I’ve always been especially drawn to comics, growing up reading Marvel, DC, Image, Vertigo, Darkhorse, etc, and my goal is to make a name for myself in that world too. If you follow me on social media you can see some of the gag comics I post on there, and I’m planning on making more mythology-based content in the near future, as that’s always been a big inspiration for me as well.

Jenks says:

Ryan is a multi-skilled artist, able to turn his hand from pencil to pastel to digital, and his muse from portrait to gag to amazingly detailed comic-landscapes like his Mythology series. He asked if I would look at his work and I was blown away! There’s real movement in these compositions, and the eye is guided from character to character, all recognisable and interacting with eachother. I love the other-worldly colour-pallette, and the representations of the gods and mythical characters in such a modern comic style. I’m rather excited for his completed series! If you like Norse mythology, have a look at his other mythological composition on his social media!

You can find out more about Ryan’s work and see his other finished works and comics on his Insta profile here:

…and on his TikTok:

See the main image post with the complete Greek Mythology image series here:

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