Bellum Sacrum

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In case you don’t know (and I’m not sure how you wouldn’t, I’ve been posting about it a lot – sorry!) I illustrated 10 pairs of Roman Gods and some Trophies for Anthony Gibbins of Legonium, the brilliant Latin-and-Lego site, who’s been developing the card game Bellum Sacrum over the last year and a bit. As a gaming enthusiast, I was extremely excited to work on this project with him as it was an extremely fun prospect to draw, and be a part of in the long term. I’m no stranger to Kickstarter myself: I successfully published my Trojan War Playing Cards several years ago through it, and it’s a perfect fit for brand new and exciting card games like this one!

How to Play:

The five main actions:

The game is easy to pick up and learn, with its five main actions and quick gameplay time. All the cards are designed to be easily legible, with comparative elements between each god in the pair, colour-coding, and numerals for those who can’t see colour.

There are also a set of rules for simpler, child-friendly gameplay or for playing with more than two players.

Kiki at Girls Game Shelf made us an excellent how-to-play video. This will take you through the game, step by step.

Please share the game’s Kickstarter with anyone you know who you think would like it! If you’re still not sure, check out our reviews, or even download the print-and-play version for yourself to try it out!

Video reviews:

Anthony plays and talks about the game with FunDaMental Games!
Dragons Demize made one of their “5 Things We Liked and One We Didn’t” videos about Bellum Sacrum! (Spoiler: the only thing they didn’t like was the slightly random card-dealing aspect)

Online Reviews:

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