Classics VS Harry Potter

Behind the name: Sirius Black

Behind the name: Quirinus Quirrel

Behind the name: Remus Lupin

Behind the name: Severus Snape

Chocolate Frog Cards: Circe the Sorceress

The story of Fluffy, aka Kerberos

These comics were originally drawn for the Iris Classics Centre’s Festival of Imagined Worlds, February 2018, for the J K Rowling Section. The author studied French with Classics at Exeter University, and these comics are devised to explore the possible etymology (word-meaning) behind the names of particular characters, as well as exploring the Classical backgrounds of several characters in the series.

The explanations of the links between meaning and background are purposely missing – it was much more fun at the Festival to ask the kids to make the connections themselves, after which they got a copy to take home. Discussion is welcome!

POSTER: you can buy a myth-only version of the Kerberos poster, printed (Zazzle) or download to print yourself (Gumroad)