ClassicsTober ’21

The inaugural drawing challenge for Classics!

Quite by chance, my friend Dr Cora Beth Fraser mentioned on Twitter last week that she was thinking of doing Inktober again – the monthly festival of drawing that started up a few years ago on social media as a way for artists to share their work along similar themes, with daily one-word prompts. Sadly, I pointed out, that it had been ruined by the revelation that the artist who started it entirely plagiarised another artists book for himself and ruined the whole thing for everyone, and since then a proliferation of other versions, mostly for particular fandoms, had arisen… And just like that, we accidentally started #ClassicsTober, the day before the whole thing was due to start. And amazingly, other people have joined in!

This is my own collection of ClassicsTober images for this year. To see the whole hashtag on Twitter, click the button!

Happy Halloween! And thank you for taking part in #ClassicsTober ’21!