#ClassicsTober days 24 – 31

A little late in reposting, but here they are!

Day 24: Wild – the Maenads
Day 25: Augustus hurt by a typo
Day 26: Cave – Plato’s Allegory of the Cave (will post full comic soon)
Day 27: Orator – In honour of Marcus Cicero himself, I drew this in pen first, with only a vague idea where I was going, and then edited it for publication afterwards…
After a Statue of Cicero from the Courthouse of Rome.
Day 28: Trident
Day 29: Gift
Day 30: Eudaimonia –
In all honesty, doing this challenge every day as given me an unexpected feeling of purpose and accomplishment. Even if I couldn’t do a brand new illustration every single day, what I have done has made me very happy!
Day 31: Ghost. For a final, proper Hallowe’en treat, I attempted to carve a pumpkin into the face of Athenodorus’ Ghost that I drew last year for a full comic on this Ancient Ghost Story (Pliny The Younger Book 7, Letter 27)…

Happy Halloween, and thank you for taking part in #ClassicsTober!

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