Comix from Crete: Talos guards Crete from the Argo

Talos and the Argo

Talos, the bronze giant automaton, made by Hephaistos, the god of crafts, at Zeus’ request, to guard his conquest Europa, whom he had kidnapped as a white bull and taken to Crete.

Talos guarded Crete, walking its coastline three times a day, and hurling boulders at foreign ships attempting to invade. Jason, having achieved his quest of the Golden Fleece, attempted to land the Argo at Crete, but was attacked by Talos. Medea the witch, Jason’s consort, is said to have tricked Talos into releasing the bolt at his ankle that held shut his one vein: the ichor drained from his bronze body and he died.

(On a silver didrachma from Phaistos, Crete (c.300BC), Talos is depicted with wings, hence this illustration.)

Picture taken at Mochlos, Crete, of the Late Minoan houses and tombs on the islet.

Comic drawn in transit!

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