Comix from Crete: Theseus in the Throne Room

Theseus in the Throne Room of Knossos, with Minos and Ariadne

Theseus, Minos and Ariadne

Theseus, the long-lost-and-recently-restored son of the Athenian King Aegeus, goes to Knossos as one of the tribute of youths that King Minos feeds to his monstrous stepson, Astarios (aka the Minotaur), to avenge the death of his other son, Androgeos, at the hands of the Athenians. Minos’ daughter, Ariadne, begins to fall in love with him…

Read the rest of this story in a 3-part comic starting here:

Picture taken at Knossos, ‘The Throne Room’ as imagined by Sir Arthur Evans. Comix drawn in transit!

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