The Muses

muses slice1 greekmythcomix muses slice2 greekmythcomix muses slice3 greekmythcomix muses slice5 greekmythcomix

For the 4th year, who asked. 

For how the Muses are used in Literature, see Divine Inspiration.

For more information about the Muses, go to, an invaluable resource.

Hopefully you will have noticed by now that most of the clothing and adornment shown in the comix are inspired by and copied from Greek pottery, and that different styles loosely represent different time periods. If you’d like to know more about this, go to The Classical Art Research Centre, Oxford University.

2 thoughts on “The Muses

  1. Salvete!

    How nice, all the Muses so beautiful together.
    Also check out my own version of the famous Muse with Virgil, in my graphic novel ‘Dido et Aeneas’ – slideshow page III:

    We all love to have fun with the Classics!!

    Ave atque vale!
    Magda van Tilburg, Amsterdam

    P.S. Ancient Greek graphic novels will follow (Homeros, Ares kai Aphrodite e.g.) in the original text. Stay tuned 😉

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