REVISE with Odyssey Comix! 

You can get a bunch of Odyssey revision materials over at the Greek Myth Comix shop!

The Odyssey Comix on this site are also available as a PDF book to read on your phone or tablet or to print off as you wish.

The comics are designed to help you remember and learn the important details of the individual Books: what happens, who is involved, how it fits in the overall narrative and plot, how the themes are presented, and all the fiddly details like similes and long, loooong descriptions.

Here’s an example of a passage question about Book 7, using the Odyssey comix to help you revise and answer:

First, annotate the passage using your class-annotated text and the comix to help you.

The questions that follow are, for this exam, generally this order: AO3 (point, evidence, explain) then AO1 (list of facts)  then AO2 (fact plus evidence.)

You can then go chronologically through the passage and pick out the sections you annotated to write about – make sure you insert a quotation and explain how they answer the question, in this case how make the palace seem impressive.

Eg: Odysseus’ emotional reaction to seeing the palace, “he kept on stopping”, shows that even an experienced traveller like himself is impressed and overwhelmed by it.

The next question, AO2, is all about detail: the comic is designed to help you remember with images.

Finally, the AO2. Here, the question is asking you to show understanding of a concept and prove how it is shown in the text. As there is a formula for Xenia, you’ll need to provide the formula and evidence from the text on how the Phaeacians achieve it. Point, Evidence.

Eg: (AO1) The first part of Xenia us to make your guest comfortable, (AO2) which Nausicaa has already started to do in Book 6 by giving Odysseus the materials to wash and by clothing him, and Alcinous continues to do here in Book 7 by raising Odysseus from the hearth, sitting him in the seat of his own son, a place of honour, and giving him food and drink. …

Just so!

Use the website to revise the Odyssey Books for OCR or download your own copy here: