Support Greek Myth Comix

A little plea:

The site gets hundred of hits a day.

The artwork gets used in lessons and worksheets in schools, colleges and Universities.

Comix and videos get set as homework to view.

And all of this is *worldwide* (I can see where views come from).

If you like these resources and have used them in your classes, here are ways you can support me making them:

1) You can buy PDF versions of the longer Comix (and other resources) for smol prices in my Gumroad download shop . They’re much better quality than screenshots and you can reuse them. You can now also get image packs to use forever too in your PowerPoints and workbooks, and Build-Your-Own printable kits including the Trojan Horse, Trojan War, Labyrinth, Knossos Palace and Ancient Greek Columns!

2) If classroom resources aren’t your bag, you can get cute MERCHY THINGS in the Redbubble shop like tees and stickers and totes with my better work and my colour illustrations on them, and more tees and sweaters in the Spreadshirt shop.

3) You can actually buy top-quality posters of things like Deaths in the Iliad and my long-form comics (and more that I’ll get round to adding soon) in my Zazzle shop and mugs and badges too.

4) Also, bookmark my shop at, where all the things I sell are listed individually as a catalogue, and whenever you need a new thing for class think ‘Hey, maybe Jenks has something?’ I got colouring pages and books and paper models to build! Come see!

5) Hit SUBSCRIBE on the YouTube channel! I know, you don’t need to to view, but it makes a *huge* difference to me. And while I’ll NEVER put other people’s ads on the main site, any little ad revenue from the vids in the future would be extremely welcome. (And schools embedding the videos in their VLEs don’t see ads anyway.)

6) If you use the resources A LOT or my Laura Jenkinson-Brown GCSE Classics Resources, then consider becoming a Patreon. You get early views of new comix and access to a DropBox O Goodies with ALL my PDFs and art. Which is cool! And helps with Photoshop costs. .

You can also do a one-off donation if long-term isn’t your thing.

7) Finally, you can just follow me on social media to give me a signal boost – here’s my Twitter, my Instagram, and my Facebook – and repost the hell out of everything (ESPECIALLY this thread on Twitter!), give credit when you use a comic, and tell people where they too can get the PDFs and merch you’ve got!