We went on a Greece Tour!

Tour Map

This half term just gone (that’s the last week in October for non-teachers and non-parents and non-UK residents), my department took 26 of our actually delightful GCSE and A-Level Classicial Civilisation and Latin students on a tour of the main sites in Greece. It’s the first time we’d run a trip to Greece in about eight years – the last time was when I was an NQT (newly qualified teacher) of English with Classics, and before I’d really immersed myself in what was originally only my second teaching subject. Now, as a full time Classics teacher with years of building schemes of work around Greekband Roman history and myth, it was even more exciting!

A host of pictures from the tour is available at  https://twitter.com/ccclassics_dept #ccgreecetour2015

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Comix from the Tour!





Lion Gate Mycenae