New COLOUR version of Labyrinth and Knossos Minotaur playsets – and £2 off this weekend!

Hi everybody!

I’ve just completed colour layers for the Minoan-themed print-and-build sets I made at the end of 2020, so now the Throne Room and Labyrinth are in glorious colour, making completing these kits a bit less work!

To celebrate, you can use the code MATLEAVE to get £2 off any of the sets – Throne Room, Labyrinth, or both combined – until midnight on Sunday June 27th (when my Maternity leave ends!)

Thanks for enjoying the things I make, and please feel free to share your playset builds with me on Twitter or Instagram at @GreekMythComix!

Don’t know about the download-and-print kits?

Build your own Labyrinth and Throne Room of Knossos Palace with this print-your-own kit! TWO stackable structures – the labyrinth with moving wall sections, and a model of the throne room with lustral basin at Knossos Palace, Crete, complete with Minoan characters and objects…and the MINOTAUR.

Each PDF has a colour layer – print a pre-coloured version or turn off the layers to print a black-and-white version to colour yourself!

Available together or as individual kits.

A must for every Greek Mythology or Archaeology fan, student of Classics, or teacher with a classroom to furnish. Just add a printer, paper, scissors and glue!

Full print and build instructions are available at