IO SATURNALIA! I bring gifts: build-your-own Labyrinth and Knossos Palace kits and Stocking Fillers!


It’s the first day of the holiday so get your pileus and synthesis on and make sure your gifts are wrapped for the Sigillaria on Saturday!

NEW: Build-Your-Own Labyrinth and Knossos Palace Throne Room Playset!

Adding to the ‘Playsets’ section of my shop, previously just containing the Trojan War Playset kit and Trojan Horse kit, is my new set of builds: the Labyrinth, a proper 3D maze with moving wall sections and Minotaur-myth characters that’s also playable as a board game or usable as a D&D dungeon; and the Knossos Palace Throne Room, a meticulous paper reconstruction of the Throne Room at Knossos, with its lustral basin, stone throne, wooden columns, and objects researched from the Heraklion Museum of Crete and the finds in the Temple Repository at Knossos. As a duo they stack together to make one impressive structure, and are also available as separate kits, with full instructions given and construction videos coming soon. Whether you’re interested in the myth or the archaeology, one of these playsets is bound to provide a fun and creative challenge to build over the holidays! Just print, colour, cut and glue!

After their successful debut on Twitter and Instagram and pre-order campaign, the kits are now available to download on Gumroad (PayPal enabled) or Etsy.

Test-Build images – these structures just made with printer paper and glue!

Final Stocking-Filler Shopping for Sigillaria and Christmas!

It’s a bit too late to buy Saturnalia Greetings cards right now (pleased to say some of my designs sold out or were ordered in bulk!) but the following are still on offer – if you’re in the UK, you have until tomorrow morning to order for me to get these in the post to you! If you’re not in the UK, then maybe a nice New Year’s treat? 😉

Pre-Printed Build-Your-Own Trojan Horse kit!

These are very much limited edition – the last five printed kits I made exclusively for the CA/FIECCA conference in London last year. The horse pieces are printed on cream-coloured light card for optimal structure.

Only available on Etsy.

(You can still get the download-and-print version here.)

The Olympian Gods Colouring Book!

Available as an A4 or A5 book, these have special paper for colouring, information about each god and illustrations from Ancient Greek pottery.

Also available as a download to print as a book or colouring sheets for you, your kids, your class, or your walls!

Buy from Gumroad or Etsy.

Greek God Sticker sheets!

These are my favourites! Stick your patron gods anywhere and everywhere with these strong vinyl stickers! Sheet 1 has the goddesses, whilst sheets 2 and 3 have the other gods. All come with an accompanying symbol-accessory!

Available from Gumroad or Etsy.

Looking for a last-minute, low-effort classroom activity?

Print-Your-Own Saturnalia greetings cards!

These are a favourite with teachers and home educators looking for a nice end-of-term/holiday activity. Buy the PDF and print forever! Colour in while learning about Saturnalia traditions! Download and print.

Available on Gumroad or Etsy.

Odysseus Paper Doll!

Dress him up, dress him down (modesty-pretecting olive branch included!) and re-enact the Odyssey with this little dolly! Download and print.

Available on Gumroad (PayPal enabled)

Gladiator Paper Dolls – FREE

A classroom favourite with my own students! teach them about the types of gladiator then boggle as they ignore you and try and get as many weapons on one gladiator as possible! Then stage some battles! FUN! Download and print.

Available on Gumroad (PayPal enabled)

Greek Pots poster/colouring sheet!

Another print-and-colour delight that educates while you’re scribbling that black-and-red colourscheme…if you’re being pedantic… Download and print.

Available on Gumroad (PayPal enabled)

Roman Handwriting font! Pay what you want!

I made this earlier this year, for my Ancient Ghost Story comic. Make your worksheets about 85% more Roman with this font! Pay what you want!

Available on Gumroad (pay what you want) or Etsy (fixed price), as personal or commercial licence.

You can see my previous post on Greek Myth Comix gifts here, just in case 😉

(I’m still hoping this tote will be under my tree…)

To all, have as good a holiday season as you can, wear a mask, protect yourself and those around you, and see you in 2021 which hopefully won’t be quite as s**t as this year!

Jenks x