Greek Myth Comix does videos now…

Hey dudes,

In addition to my Patreon launch, I also launched my YouTube channel last week, and have been experimentally adding videos to it. Aside from my hi-speed inking videos, I’m creating educational videos based on my comics, with the idea that they can be used in class, by students at home, or just by people wanting a Greek Myth inspired giggle.

So far, my experiments have covered the comics ‘What Makes a Homeric Hero’ and ‘Why Paris is such a Plonker in the Iliad.’ Further comics will cover Odyssey-related topics to help out with the Classical Civilisation GCSE that’s in its infancy. If you’re a teacher of this course, you may want to subscribe to make sure you don’t miss anything new as it comes up!

If you like, make sure to click, comment or subscribe! (Apparently that’s what they say on YouTube anyway…)