Odyssey Book 21 – Part 7, and Ancient Geek podcast episodes 7 and 8!

It’s (the day after) Odyssey Day (sorry!) again (sorry sorry!)

A bit late this time because THE BABY (is there any other excuse?), the seventh part of Book 21 is now available – click here or the image snippet to see the whole thing. You’ll also be able to read the comic on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I should be back to normal publishing days by next week.

Thanks for reading!

The Ancient Geek podcast

The last two mini-rants are up – Episode 7 on Homeric Heroism and Achilles’ Heel, and Episode 8 on why you really need to read the Odyssey for all the great bits that get left out whenever it’s adapted, are available to listen to now. They form the end of this mini-series, which has been a lot of fun to make! Next series I’ll be looking for some ideas and people to join me, so if you have an idea or want to get involved, leave me a message!

You can listen now at the Ancient Geek page, or wherever you get your podcasts. I write a reading list for every episode, and you might find the links interesting. This time there’s an Odyssey reading list!

NB: These are Classroom-appropriate rants that aim to explain or clarify ideas and misconceptions in Classical Civilisation. You can see more details and find out how to listen at the main page here.

New ‘Europa’ Redbubble designs!

I added my Europa illustration to some products in the Redbubble shop this week. Have a look – there may be something you like!

All the best, whatever lockdown, quarantine, or relative normalcy you may be in (you lucky, lucky folks!),