New Video: Deaths in the Iliad – the infographic video!

Back in 2014 I made a comic infographic of statistics relating to deaths in the Iliad.

It was *very* popular. Reddit-Front-Page-Top-50-Infogrqaphics-On-The-Internet popular.

Best of all though, it started a *massive* Reddit discussion of the Iliad and everyone’s favourite part and characters, and that was awesome 🙂

Just over seven years later, it popped into my head to make a video version! I hope you enjoy!

For the video, I’ve added very brief summaries of each of the books of the Iliad, and my own commentary on the other graphs and info. (I’ll be working on the CC captions when I can too.)

😍 As I told you before, my friend Erica is making fantastic and funny detailed summary videos of the Iliad on her channel Moan Inc., and I highly recommend these for a much more detailed and entertaining Iliad summary!

The Moan Inc. Iliad playlist is here:

❤️ This video is dedicated to the memory of Shimon Levison, for reasons that become apparent at this point in the video.

You can read tributes to my favourite high school History teacher here: ❤️